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Hood Classics Gucci Mane
popular strip club in atlanta, where gucci mane is from. basically, saying she is an attractive stripper
Jackie O is a reference to Jacqueline Kennedy who remarried and later became Jackie Onassis. the lyric states that a girl has a big bum.
decyphring fo f...
Jacki-O is a southern rapper who is more notorious for her super-sized booty than her rapping skills. To make the above statement signifies a very large ass.
This is referring to the rapper Eve. She has tons of tattoos.
A weave is fake or cut hair weaved into someone's hair to give it a longer/fuller look. It's often used by african american women because black hair is corse and hard to grow out long without splitting or breaking.
Her hair is long but I suspect that much of it is fake hair weaved in with her real hair. (A weave is where someone uses a comb under a layer of hair to afix some fake hair or hair taken from someone else to give the appearence of longer/fuller hair.