My Life

LAX Game, The
Kanye has a BS smile. Putting on a "Kanye smile" is like lying through your teeth.
Big B P
The line from the song is "livin the good life, me and Common on common ground" referencing the fact that Common was featured on a track called "Good Life" on TI's King album
Chris Paul is a guard in the NBA, so this implies keeping a very focused mindset since he's the primary party on his team responsible for handling the ball and directing the game from on the court.
you can't REALLY consider yourself to be grinding (being a hustler of drugs, having real street credibility, doing whatever you need to do to make money or support yourself) until you're dead, because the true hustlers end up dying from hustling so hard
I may harm you if proper caution is not exercised when approaching the car doors of my Rolls Royce Phantom
Eric Sermon is a rapper/producer famous for his work with EPMD.
Jesse Jackson turns all issues into racial issues because he needs racism in order to remain powerful and relevant. This is why he does not want Obama as president.
Kanye, I appreciate how you have helped my career. So even though your mother has passed away, we are such good friends that I would be willing to allow you treat my mother as your own maternal figure.
reference to song by Mary J. Blige titled "No More Drama"
The Game is contemplating what he's been through in life and reflects on the death of John Lennon, a member of the Beatles who was shot in 1980.