LAX Game, The
my money is large
Right before this, Game says "I'm rich like Porter." This is a reference to Rich Porter and Alpo who were drug kingpins in Harlem. Alpo killed Rich in a dispute over money. And whippin that water is a reference to cooking crack
basketball player Dwight Howard has proven his ability in the NBA and therefore next time he becomes a free agent (is able to sign a contract with any team) he will probably receive a lot of money
The NBA player Lebron James recieved $90 million from Nike, and Game would like to earn the same amout of money
my Rolls Royce Phantom (an extremely luxurious and expensive car) is as flashy as a mink coat worn by Frank Lucas, an international drug dealer who operated in New York City in the 1970s and made millions of dollars.
The Game compares himself to McDonald's, who serves millions of customers. To "flip an order" means to supply what is needed (for McDonald's it's hamburgers, for him drugs... probably crack), get the money, and move along to the next person.
The Game is saying flipping (hijacking, taking control of) an armored truck used by the Brinks company to transport large amounts of money for businesses, would be easy.
The Game is saying he has (or is trying to get) as much money as Pablo Escobar, a drug lord from Colombia who was ruthless as he operated his drug empire (including cocaine which is often turned into crack cocaine) to gain money and power
Mount Rushmore is a very large monument made of rocks and dead presidents. The rapper is claiming to have vast amounts of crack-rock cocaine and money, which also features images of dead presidents.
he flushes drugs down the toilet when the police come to his house so he doesn't get caught having them and risk going to jail