Dope Boys

LAX Game, The
This is a product placement for Verizon's two-way phone service where you push the key on the side of the phone to talk to someone else who has a Nextel phone as if you were using a walkie talkie.
The Game is referring to himself as being fresh or new on the rap scene just like crack comes fresh off the stove as it is cooked in a Pyrex (brand of kitchenware) pot.
All he wears is a White T-Shirt, Nike Air Force One sneakers & Dickies brand pants
The wheels on his car are so stunning that other drivers stop their vehicles to stare at them
The diamonds on my bracelet are so shiny you might mistake the glare from them as high-beam lights of a vehicle.
to be runnin' rock is to be transporting crack cocaine (when cocaine is cooked it takes on a crystalline, rock-like structure). runnin it like O.J. means doing a good job, since O.J. Simpson did a good job running the football (rock) in the NFL
women don't say no to the questions I ask them or the things I ask them to do because, just like a wedding ring which is a symbol of a wedding proposal, I'm persuasive and very difficult to say no to.