Cali Sunshine

LAX Game, The
Nothing about me is "sweet" or nice because I am a mean person. The only thing associated with me that is "sweet" is the brand of cheap cigar I buy, "Swisher Sweets" that I use for its tobacco wrapper when I roll my marijuana cigarettes.
Producer Jazze Pha was robbed inside the Grand Lux (Restaraunt or Hotel)
Referring to an incident where 50 Cent's chain was snatched at a concert in the African country of Angola
bragging that the people of California were the ones who created or made popular the Haze and Sour Diesel strains of marijuana - both considered to give excellent highs
The Game is saying that he and his friends would use the diamonds (ice) from your jewelry to cool a glass of Kool-Aid (not really), because your diamonds are so insignificant and worthless compared to the diamonds and money they have.