Westside Story

The Documentary Game, The
He tries to stay true to his people and hood by not doing these acts associated with being rich and/or snobbish.
i was an original gangsta in my neighborhood by the age of 21, which implies having experienced and accomplished many gangsta things such as successful drug dealing, pimping, making money, etc. (usually only older people could claim to be an O.G.)
He is in a lowrider, 1963 Chevy Impala, gold dubs (20" Rims), with a chrome hydraulic system.
to leave you stretched out is to kill you, because your body will be fully extended when you are placed in a casket. this might look similar to a cadillac coupe deville from the '70s which was very long compared to today's cars.
Dr. Dre associated himself with the Crips (a popular gang) which is represented through clothing (etc) by the color blue. The color red represents the Bloods, the Crips' biggest rival gang, so there is confusion why he would have red shoe laces.
ms. d-dizzle
The 38 special refers to the .38 Smith & Wesson Special Cartridge (outer cover of bullet) Used in revolvers. The vest is a bullet proof vest. They are saying they will let the bullets go through the bullet proof vest of another person.
Sayin that if you approach his (lowered) vehicle aggressively, you will be killed
reference to actor and former wrestler Tom Lister, Jr. - saying you are more like Deebo when he was Zeus is saying you are tougher and less of a fool (the bully character Deebo in the movie Friday was rather foolish and wrestler Zeus was powerful)