Game, The

My Life LAX
Kanye has a BS smile. Putting on a "Kanye smile" is like lying through your teeth.
Big B P
Westside Story The Documentary
He tries to stay true to his people and hood by not doing these acts associated with being rich and/or snobbish.
Let's Ride Doctor's Advocate
He's simply saying that Eminem's lyrics start beef and drama and are drama filled
Wouldn't Get Far Doctor's Advocate
A woman performed fellatio (head) so well that her wealthier boyfriend decided to marry her without having her sign a pre-nuptial agreement, which would otherwise protect his assets in the event of divorce.
Fred Frances
Money LAX
my money is large
Dope Boys LAX
This is a product placement for Verizon's two-way phone service where you push the key on the side of the phone to talk to someone else who has a Nextel phone as if you were using a walkie talkie.
Let's Ride Doctor's Advocate
when you add an amplifier and subwoofer speakers to a car stereo system the loud bass often rattles the rear license plate, which is held on with two screws. if your sound system was really expensive and loud, you could possibly rattle the car this much.
Westside Story The Documentary
i was an original gangsta in my neighborhood by the age of 21, which implies having experienced and accomplished many gangsta things such as successful drug dealing, pimping, making money, etc. (usually only older people could claim to be an O.G.)
Dope Boys LAX
The Game is referring to himself as being fresh or new on the rap scene just like crack comes fresh off the stove as it is cooked in a Pyrex (brand of kitchenware) pot.
Westside Story The Documentary
He is in a lowrider, 1963 Chevy Impala, gold dubs (20" Rims), with a chrome hydraulic system.