Ain't Sayin' Nothin' (Remix)

The Elephant in the Room Fat Joe
I prefer her over other women in the extreme, although she's from a poor district where Buick Regals are popular.
He has a pocket full of $100 bills. Benjamin Franklin is on the front of all $100 bills
sick means cool and impressive (possibly derived from something so surprising it makes you sick to your stomach). so, having a flow (rapping ability - words flowing out of your mouth) sicker than SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is very sick/good
diamonds are called "ice" because they resemble ice cubes, so my diamond necklace contains such large diamonds and is so valuable that my neck is as cold as a penguin's neck
Hulk Hogan was a wrestler in the WWF who would spin his hand three times before holding it by his ear to listen to the crowd cheering. this is like saying you're doing that move to hear peoples' complaints, yet they are silent and have nothing bad to say.
my focus is on getting chips (another word for money since poker chips in a casino can be exchanged for cash) - "get my Ruffles" is a funny slang comparison: just like Ruffles potato chips are easy to get, so are monetary chips