As The World Turns

The Slim Shady LP Eminem
The subject is dressed like the reporter Les Nessman from the tv show "WKRP In Cincinnati" who typically wore bow-ties and dressed as a stereotypical nerd.
rather than treating a female to a nice dinner, Eminem is saying he will only give a woman one slice of pizza and a can of Faygo soda pop (a brand of soda common in the mid-west) - this is also an insult to the rap group ICP who often talk about Faygo
Due to its graphic lyrical content and the unstinting use of expletives, Eminem is suggesting teenaged -and younger fans of his music must hide his tape from their parents, much like one would a poor report card in high school.
This is referring to his songs & album being very good, but "The Source" magazine only gave them a rating of 2 on a scale of 5. "The Source" owner and Eminem hate each other which could have affected the ratings.