Just Don't Give A Fuck

The Slim Shady LP Eminem
hes dissing white rappers. the entire lyric is: "im nicer than pete(pete nice), but im on a search(mc serch) to crush a milkbone(miilkkbone)/ im everlasting(everlast), i melt vanilla ice like silicone".
because crushing a dog biscuit to snort it might not quite produce the high some drug users are used to, this may instead be a metaphor for selling more records than rapper Milkbone, an individual who somewhat resembles Eminem
eminem is gonna snort a milk bone (he is broke)
I will shoot you with a gun in the same way the robotic cartoon character Voltron would shoot missiles that were mounted on its shoulders.
Eminem is declaring that he's crazy enough to stab you in the throat and kill you, and he suggests your violent death will be worst than that of Ron Goldman, a man who died in the same manner alongside Nicole Simpson, OJ Simpson's wife.
This references Jim Brady who was shot and injured during an assassination attempt.
You will be shot so many times the number of holes left in your body will be in excess of those found in a hand crocheted blanket, a style known as an Afghan blanket.
Eminem curses a lot, including toward players (guys who "play" women by talking "game" to get them into bed) - even more than football coach Marty Schottenheimer does while yelling at his players in the locker room.
A reference to rapper Lil'(Little) Kim
I will be in your neighborhood with two handguns made by the Austrian company Glock, Inc.