Guilty Conscience

The Slim Shady LP Eminem
Em is referencing a 1990 incident in which Dre assaulted raper/TV personality Dee Barnes after her interview with Ice Cube. Dre was sued for over $20 million, and pleaded no contest to assault charges.
Eminem here is taunting Dr. Dre, who was in the N.W.A., an early rap group, from the Compton area of LA.
George Burns was an American comedian and actor that was born in 1896 and died when he was 100 years old in 1996. This exaggerated quote is basically saying the female is very old.
Kids is a movie that focuses on the sexuality of young teenagers, so this reference is implying that the girl talked about is extremely young to be having sex.
Kids is the name of a movie. Is any more explanation really needed?
Drop the gun (Biscuit stays hot like a gun barrel)
son doobiest was in a porno check here -