Crack A Bottle Relapse Eminem

grab another one from out the stable

he's not talking about horses. his "stable" is actually his garage. after getting in an accident, Dr. Dre will just get another car. cars became common transportation after horses, and so their power is still measured in units of horsepower.
@Big B P Good try on the "filly" thing ... this is actually dre's line, and in context he's just crashed his benz and is deciding which car to drive next "the monte carlo, el camino or el dorado / hell if i know". Stable is either his garage or chop shop
Dr. Dre is refferring to the previous line mantioning him crashing his car. He is talking about getting another one of his cars from his Garage.
Eminem will grab another PHILLY (girl) from "out the stable" (out of the line-up of women waiting to "jump on shady's dick").
Big B P