Crack A Bottle

Relapse Eminem
Dr. Dre is refferring to the previous line mantioning him crashing his car. He is talking about getting another one of his cars from his Garage.
@Big B P Good try on the "filly" thing ... this is actually dre's line, and in context he's just crashed his benz and is deciding which car to drive next "the monte carlo, el camino or el dorado / hell if i know". Stable is either his garage or chop shop
Eminem will grab another PHILLY (girl) from "out the stable" (out of the line-up of women waiting to "jump on shady's dick").
Big B P
Most likely saying that his beats shake like waco, since Waco, TX has the Balcones Fault to it's North. It may also be a double entendre, referring also to the Waco incident linking it to Quake the videogame.
He's implying Worcestershire sauce, a table sauce from England is disgusting
In reference to the id Software release "Quake" (1996); the line implies that the person in question has the aptitude greater than or equal to that of the Waco Kid's (Billy the Kid) firing abilities, in that they can quickly approach, defeat, and move on.
let loose, dont be uptight
many women are going into his Tahoe (a large car)
andre the giant is a reference to andre, a rapper in the song itself. mister elephant tusk is a description of andre, showing how famous and expensive he is. (elephant = big star) (tusk = ivory = valuable)
In a 1963 Impala, Dr. Dre refers to himself as a dog to say he's vicious