Forever Thank Me Later
drake is saying that he is on G4 planes so much (probably because he's so rich and famous), he knows the pilots on a first-name basis
Forever Thank Me Later
In the classic children's story, Pinnochio is a young boy whose nose grows bigger when he tells lies to get through tough situations, which change how he looks at life. Eminem's recent struggles kept him out of rap until he recently re-entered the "game"
Best I Ever Had So Far Gone
He is saying that the clammour prior to his album coming out is so immense that his CD could be blank and people would still purchase it.
Congratulations So Far Gone
It's actually, "I'm so catching, I'm smarter than a lot of these niggas" he means he's catching, you know, like a sickness, he could be saying he's sick, he means that he's catching like everybody catches the "drake fever," he's that great
Forever Thank Me Later
Drake is saying that he is so famous that when he makes appearances in shopping centers/malls they have to be shut down because of the chaos that ensues.
Ransom So Far Gone
Lil Wayne actually says this. And it just means that for each letter he says he is essentially getting paid.
The Notorious D.I.P.
Forever Thank Me Later
A G4 is an old gulfstream, more like a pre owned lex than a Rolls Royce. cheap to buy (12million) compared to a G450 (45 mill)which is new, but the mack dad is a G550, (50+mil). Pilots are just pimped bus drivers
Forever Thank Me Later
the correct lyric is "If I was at the club you know I balled, chemo" and drake is explaining he balled out at a club if he was there...and when chemotherapy patients go into treaments they are bald
Ransom So Far Gone
Blue's clues is a popular children's show in which Blue (A blue Dog) Collects clues to find a final outcome.
Forever Thank Me Later
a Gulfstream is a very expensive private jet. G4's are one of the most expensive ones. to give a comparison, G4 is the same in the private jet world as a Rolls Royce is in the car world. def a balla to fly in em!