Thank Me Later Drake
This means being high on heroin. Heroin is a brownish colored powder in certain forms. By saying "brown, nino" he's also referening Nino Brown, a drug dealer played by Wesley Snipes in the movie New Jack City.
Kanye's verse. It's a play on words from the movie Superbad, where the character's nickname is McLovin, he's inferring super bad chicks (sexual girls and reference to the movie title) give him love
He is sayin' he's not nothin' to play with (you shouldn't mess with him or annoy him) like a sprained ankle, 'cause you can't play sports with a sprained ankle.
He is sayin' if he was in the club you know he balls (reference to Jim Jones song Ballin'). He is also mixing it with chemotherapy to say it like he's bald (a side effect of chemo) but he means ball.
All Kanye is saying is he runs the world like Barack Obama (Michelle Obama's husband).
He's saying everyone wants to sign him to their record label. When signing a contract there is an X where you put your name. He is also making a reference to Malcolm X.
A "G4 pilot" flies a G4 plane. A G4 plane is a small private plane. The G stands for Gulfstream (the company that makes the plane.) The 4 is the model number of plane (ie: G450).
Space Jam Jordans are Nike tennis shoes Michael Jordan endorsed when the movie Space Jam starring him and Marvin the Martian (a cartoon character) was out. Lil Wayne also calls himself a martian in one of his songs from his album Tha Carter III.
He is saying that he has so much money that he knows the pilots to private jets very well.
Finding Nemo is a Disney/Pixar animated movie about a missing fish named Nemo. This lyric is saying he is so rich he is surrounded by an "ocean" of money, as if you would have to swim through it to find him.