Thank Me Later Drake
a Gulfstream is a very expensive private jet. G4's are one of the most expensive ones. to give a comparison, G4 is the same in the private jet world as a Rolls Royce is in the car world. def a balla to fly in em!
drake is saying he will never stop succeeding, so he will always be accelerating on the gas pedal and not stopping
In the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button he ages in reverse so he starts off old and end young. The line also says Benjamin which refers to Benjamin Franklin the face on the 100 dollar bill.
Older people tend to wear fanny packs, the fanny back can sometimes swing to the side and look as if his or her hip is messed up
Hmm in actuality a classic case of Schadenfreude--malicious joy over another's misfortune. Notice how fluidly the personal pronouns are used interchangeably. Listeners shouldn't assume that 'he' is the first-person 'I' where the piece begins.
Eminem is comparing his overdosing on drugs to being in the rap game, he hasn't ODed in a while but he hasn't been in the rap game in a while either. now he is on a hit song, he is comparing that feeling to having a buzz from doing drugs.
Kanye is referring to the 1986 comedy film Ferris Bueller's Day Off in which the main character, Bueller, skipps school (class) and decides to spend the day in downtown Chicago.
Hannibal Lecter is a fictional character in the film Manhunter, and was a serial kiler that would take peoples' faces off... so Eminem is just making the comment that if he didn't want you to have a face you wouldn't...
Eminem is referring to himself as Pinocchio because he is a white rapper and has a longer nose than most black rappers and that people have been waiting for him to get back into the rap industry like he used to be...
he is sayin he will never give up wat he is doin.. as if he was running from tha cops