Thank Me Later Drake
This statement has a dual meaning. First that Eminem is feeling a buzz from this hit song. And second, that he had to be taken by ambulance because buzz is phonetically close to bus, which can also mean an ambulance.
While Kanye has been very succesful in terms of musical awards, he would be willing to trade in his Grammy Awards for his grandmother to come back to life. He is showing that while awards are important, the esentially are worthless in the face of family.
Drake's simply saying he wants to live the 'good life' forever. So it is never ending.
Gucci Mane dissed Eminem, calling him Pinocchio, and now Eminem is saying that he is back.
this is a reference to New Jack City, where Wesley snipes plays a character Nino Brown who takes over an entire group of government apartments in inner city New York
drake is saying that he is on G4 planes so much (probably because he's so rich and famous), he knows the pilots on a first-name basis
In the classic children's story, Pinnochio is a young boy whose nose grows bigger when he tells lies to get through tough situations, which change how he looks at life. Eminem's recent struggles kept him out of rap until he recently re-entered the "game"
Drake is saying that he is so famous that when he makes appearances in shopping centers/malls they have to be shut down because of the chaos that ensues.
A G4 is an old gulfstream, more like a pre owned lex than a Rolls Royce. cheap to buy (12million) compared to a G450 (45 mill)which is new, but the mack dad is a G550, (50+mil). Pilots are just pimped bus drivers
the correct lyric is "If I was at the club you know I balled, chemo" and drake is explaining he balled out at a club if he was there...and when chemotherapy patients go into treaments they are bald