So Far Gone Drake
sheetrock (drywall) is what walls are made of (you can punch through it due to its chalk and paper construction). he would entertain the crowd until the accumulated moisture from peoples sweat caused this material to warp.
Drake is referring to his past career as the character Jimmy, a diabled basketball player, from the television series, Degrassi.
ATF is the branch of law enforement that deals with alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, drake is saying he has all those things but he isnt a cop
just rhymes the alphabet, and end it with ZZ-top which is a hard rock group, saying he rocks hard basically
Drake (aka Aubrey Drake Graham) played Jimmy Brooks on the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation.
Johnny Cash an old time singer, Ashley Banks from the fresh prince, Camel Light the cigarette. (references to cash/money, bank/money, and burning/smoking weed)
when you get a new tattoo you need lubricant, usually AD ointment, but since lubriderm is a lubricant that people use on a tattoo and you have to use it to help the tattoo/skin heal... he's using this as a way of saying he had to do something
he's saying him and drake both wrote on Dr. Dre's upcoming album Detox