Best I Ever Had

So Far Gone Drake
He is saying that the clammour prior to his album coming out is so immense that his CD could be blank and people would still purchase it.
Drake is simply saying that everyone is looking forward to his album so much that he could sell a blank disc and everyone would rush out and buy it before anyone caught on... that's pretty good
drake is implying that even though his music sounds good it wouldn't matter if it didn't because females like the way he looks and would buy his album just because it had his picture on it
he is reffering to his charms like girls will only buy his album to look at the pictures
he is saying that he doesnt have on a striped shirt like a referee (they blow whistles). he is also sayin that he can make her pussy whistle (during sex) as if he was a referee (in a sporting event)
Drake is implying that post-coitus, a female's vaginal corridor will expel air at such a rate that is will make a high pitched whistling noise. This noise is reminiscent of the theme song to the Andy Griffith television program.
he is saying that sex, love and pain is such a huge issue to talk/sing about i could probabaly label a blank disc with that topic(s) and actually sell it.