Let Me Ride

The Chronic Dr. Dre
because of all the criminal activity Dr. Dre witnessed in Compton California, it was not unusual for the people of his neighborhood to find corpses of people who were murdered on Greenleaf Boulevard just north of Interstate 91
Slowly driving around town on the lesser-used streets with 22 inch rims on my vehicle. D's is short for Dubs. Dubs is a reference to the number 22 as in Double 2s.
before I could afford a car, I would have to walk from place to place to get around the neighborhood.
To smell like "Chronic", weed or marijuana. Indonesia is known for their good marijuana supplies.
Driving on a 64 Cadillac with 16 switches of hydrolic pumps to maneuver your car up and down.
he has hollow-point bullets (they flatten on impact and are more likely to kill someone than normal bullets) and he is ready to shoot them at people who snitch (tell the police that he's dealing drugs or has been involved in other crimes).
Dr. Dre is smelling like marijuana/weed because he just smoked some. He smokes good marijuana imported from Indonesia (also known as Indo').