Still D.R.E.

Chronic 2001 Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre is saying in the year 2001 he still wears pleated khaki pants with cuffs on the bottom of the legs and a crease down the front of each leg like he did and which was stylish in the '90s. he isn't going to change just to fit in with current trends.
Dr Dre founded his aftermath label in 1995 and the "chronic 2001" came out in '99. So '95 + 4 years later = '99
in LA there are swap meets on Crenshaw Blvd, high quality marijuana, and the roads are usually backed-up
my control of the hip-hop industry is as tight and fully encompassing as the bandages on a mummy.
I still love my humble roots and the place that I was raised and I still show allegence to my hometown, Compton CA, whose telephone area code is (was) 213.
He's still driving classic, lowered cars around city streets
the marijuana we smoke is free of seeds and stems/sticks, all parts of the plant that are no desirable because they represent impurities
when I'm driving my car down your street, you'll hear the low bass tones from the music I'm listening to from inside your house, because I have an amplifier and big, loud subwoofer speakers in the trunk of my car