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Chronic 2001 Dr. Dre
X is a name for the drug ecstasy (MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine) - its effects heighten physical pleasurable sensations thus releiving stressful feelings you may be having
CPT is an abbreviation for Compton, which is where Dr. Dre is from. LBC is an abbreviation for Long Beach, California, which is where Snoop Dogg is from. It just means the two are doing another song together.
Saying he is part of Dr. Dre's gang, or mob, but more likely just saying that he does things with him, that could entail hanging out, making money, driving around, threatening enemies. They are friends not aquaintences
this has to do with giving a girl you know a gun and her sneaking in the club with it. For most clubs females arent searched as well as males.
Fro Digga
I will enjoy achoholic beverages and partake of maijuana.
"crip walk" is a dance step that is performed like a gang sign. If you are a member of the Crips you are "down with the set" and entitled to perform it, otherwise do not.