Forgot About Dre

Chronic 2001 Dr. Dre
In the full line, "I'm harder than me tryin' to park a Dodge. - When I'm drunk as fuck!", Eminem is stating that he is harder (tough; 'gangster') than the act of parking a Dodge automobile while inebriated.
here Dre is inferring his superiority in the hustling game by assuming the role of the teacher. The term "smoke trees" is a reference to smoking Marajuana.
Crazy enough to resort to taffy-like candy as a weapon for asphyxiation
I'm much tougher than you and have been for a long time, because I was carrying guns around with me when you were just a child playing with cabbage patch dolls
not a reference to putting off baking and preserving bread dough, instead this is a way of saying that I am going to continue making money (my bank account will not be frozen at its current balance)