Drivin' Me Wild

Finding Forever Common
Common is referring to a woman who believes the she is held in high esteem as his #1 woman, but in fact she is being used for sex, and only sex.
both indications of wealth, Maserati is a manufacturer of high-end sports cars while the Robb Report is a luxury lifestyle magazine
Virtually every male who has/had a MySpace who thinks they are attractive has included a narcissistic picture of them half naked. This still continues into the more relevant Facebook.
Ordering expensive Moet Chandon champagne just because Notorious B.I.G. referred to it
very sarcastic in saying a couple is unbreakable by comparing to broken up famous couples: Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston (divorced in 07), Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon (divorced in 06), and Kimora Lee & Russell Simmons (divorced in 08).
this is a reference to astronaut Lisa Nowak who stalked a woman she thought was interfering with her relationship, and (like the woman in this song) thought she was more important to a man than she really was.
this is a reference to the video for the song "Here It Goes Again" by band Ok Go, where they run and dance on treadmills, because in this song a woman is obsessed with her appearance and spends a lot of time running on a treadmill to stay in shape.