Be Common
man's back is in reference to being on his side/supporting him... facing years refers to the possibility of jail time i.e. she supported him even though he might be going to jail for many years~
a man doesnt need to do dirty business, illegal activity, in order to survive and live his life
possibly using a battering ram and leaving the front door "busted" or broken, the department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms enter the home suddenly to investigate illegal activity
there is a person who is trying to deal cocaine (possibly in the form of crack) which is white or in color. hustling refers to the fact that it's a job and requires hard work and provides profits
to "get someone's back" means to protect, speak up for, or support them. he can't convince the court of his innocence on his own, so he needs his woman to testify on his behalf as he faces a jail sentence of several years.