Good Morning

Venom Chamillionaire
Dirty money refers to income garnered by illicit means (e.g. drugs, prostitution). A common metaphor for engaging in immoral deeds in general is "to have dirty hands." Sanitizing thus refers to either money laundering or avoiding criminal liability.
A play on words. "Dirty Money" can mean money used in exchange for narcotics, but when you deal with a lot of money your hands will get dirty from residue and dirt from its past owners.
dirty money is money gained from illegal activites (selling drugs, etc.). He is saying he has to wash his hands because he is earning "dirty" money
"Dirty Money" is a euphemism for monies obtained through illicit means. Our rapper here is claiming that he is often in possession of this sort of money, and therefore must "wash his hands" of it.
ice cube has a song "it was a good day"