Purple Haze

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Getting money selling Cocaine.
Get 'Em Girls
When it is time to go to "war"/"battle" or "fight", he is "extra" prepared to do so.
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Cam'Ron is expressing profound joy in being the impetus behind organized crime. Cars and identities both get stolen at his very whim.
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Using the movie Cocoon to establish the time period, he's saying that he's had his gun ready for action since 1985
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shizzle in this context means "sure" - so i am making money or "cake" for sure. since -izzle takes the place of letters in words, fizzle could be "funk" as in faking the funk or pretending to be cool, have money, etc.
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My best understanding of this would be that the rings on his hands cost as much as cars (whips) and he has bracelets that cost as much as houses.
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