Budsmokers Only

E 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs N Harmony
The song's title, "Budsmokers Only" should give this one away. Bone is talking about giving love (recognizing a level of affection for) to Marijuana.
You have to take care of the marijuana leaves (plant, actual smokeable crop).
I have 100 dollars (C note) worth of marijuana (approximately 1/4 of an ounce) to smoke
constantly spending money
Got to smoke weed in the fashion or in the same amount that some professional gangsters tend to (a lot).
Light a Marijuana cigarette for the process of inhalation and intoxication. One prefers the Marijuana that has been grown hydroponically, as it is known to have superior narcotic effects.
the dummy is fake marijuana - really just something that looks like weed, maybe cat nip or kitchen seasonings - used to sell to someone if you really need cash