1st of Tha Month

E 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs N Harmony
A "fifth" refers 1/5 of a gallon of liquor. Fifths along with pints and half gallons are sold at most liquor stores. Taking something to the dome (or head) refers to using it all yourself. He drinks a fifth himself.
Referring to a fifth of liquir (probably vodka) straight to the head, with no chaser, which I wouldn't personally recommend. But hey, it's his head, not mine.
Fifth is referring to a liqour bottle size, the 750mL bottle. To the dome refers to the inebriatory effects on the mind.
selling substances that look like drugs but aren't, as a desperate measure to make money. this is dangerous, because you can only fool people so many times until you get a bad reputation on the street that your product is fake and people want to hurt you.
i manage my drug dealing business very well - i'm careful with my money, and don't allow anyone to steal it or buy drugs from me at a discounted price. im never short money when it comes time to pay my supplier or buy more product, so i never lose money.
Hurrying back to the street on which he lives because he wants to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.
I don't hang out with fake people.
ms. d-dizzle
Since money is tight as I wait for each 1st of the month (and my check) to come, I'm going to make my way to my mother's house, because she is cooking food and I'll be able to eat some for free.
when it is time to make money, either by legal or illegal means, I am committed to the task on my own behalf.
when you're being chased by the police, take any cocaine you're carrying out of your pocket and throw it into the bushes or elsewhere so you can get it later, but keep your money because you can't get in trouble for having that.