The Adventures of Bobby Ray

Basically stating the rap industry is presently equivalent to politics, which is a popularity game, instead of actual skill or talent, which is what rap music was founded on. An apparent pick-up on describing the evolution of the 'rap-game'
Airplanes (Part II)
It's commonly mentioned that B.o.B's voice is similar to Southern rap great Andre 3000 of Outkast
The CADA is an activities program in california that gives kids an alternative to life on the streets. So I'm guessing it's like some sort of shout out to the place where he might have developed as an artist before he made it big.
Airplanes (Part II)
"let's pretend that it's '98, like i'm eating lunch off a styrofoam tray"
Don't Let Me Fall
people warn those who are enjoying monetary success or good fortune that it will eventually end, by comparing their situation to the fact that all objects thrown into the air eventually return to the ground because of gravity
Nothin' On You
nintendo 64 used cartridge games which use to freeze when u would play them so hes metaphorically speaking by saying u got me froze like a nintendo 64