Big Tymers

#1 Stunna I Got That Work
saying that hoes have diamond jewelry on their feet cuase they sexy walk and they spark just like when you move a diamond around the light it's sparkly
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
his hooker has diamond toe rings and they sparkle when she walks
decyphring fo f...
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
The rap artist implies that he is so wealthy that even his whores have diamonds on the bottoms of their shoes. The scientific process by which sparks are created doesn't get further elaboration in these lyrics.
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
It's "Buddens" and not "buttons". Bentley describes the car. Buddens refers to Joe Buddens; rapper from Jersey City New Jersey who is a talented emcee, but maintains a low profile in the hip-hop low profile tires on the aforementioned Bently
Still Fly Hood Rich
He is explaining that he wears Gucci (the video clearly showcases Gucci clothing during this lyric) clothing, which also matches the interior of his car.
Get Your Roll On I Got That Work
Wearing diamond jewelry on a daily basis
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
I put 20 inch wheels onto cars which improves my overall appearence.
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
arm out the window while he drives, wrist covered with diamond bracelets or watches, just showing off his money and his swagger
Get Your Roll On I Got That Work
A 2G Lac is a model year 2000 Cadillac, new at the time the song was released. Dubs are 20" wheels, which were large at the time..
#1 Stunna I Got That Work
he is asking a car dealer or his assistant/bodyguard to give him the keys to his Lexus SC430 "bubble car" (named such because of the very round bubble-like shape of the top/roof)