Still Not a Player

Capital Punishment Big Pun
An indication of not being seducing and manipulating towards females, but rather often having a strong desire to interact with women one would find attractive.
i am not one who has meaningless, purely-sexual short term relationships with many women. instead, i am genuinely attracted to and interested in women for their personalities and the long-term bonds we will hopefully form. he's joking - he's a player.
He saying in this sentence that he has a large penis (larger than 6 feet)
Shinobi Shaw
Purchasing a 500 series luxury Mercedes Benz Automobile.
Enjoying music performed by the Queens rap duo Mobb Deep while inhaling smoke an ignited Cannabis plant.
Here Pun is explaining that he stays in the penthouse suites of hotels which are on the top floor since he is wealthy. You are unable to afford this luxury so he bids you farewell as his elevator departs.
Big Pun is proclaiming that because his penis is so long, over 6 feet long in fact, even 6 rulers laid on end would fall short of giving an accurate measurment of it. Unless he is refering to 6" rulers in which case it could be barely over 3feet long