Crime Wave

Before I Self Destruct 50 Cent
This means that Mr. Cent likes shooting a gun.
If I find you and you try to escape, I will shoot you in the back with hollow-point bullets while you run away.
white people are scared of him
50 is suggesting that caucasions tend to show fear in his presense, presumably because of his aggressive demeanor.
A Cracker is a negative connotation used for a white person by non-whites (mostly blacks) 50 is saying that white people are afraid of him
If you try to run from 50 Cent during an altercation, he will shoot you in your back, with hollow point bullets, a highly impactful type of gun bullet.
"Crackers', a term used to describe caucasians. 50 Cent is implying that white people are scared of him.
50 Cent claims he is number #1 on Forbes "The Celebrity 100" List. In actuality, he his currently number 50. How fitting.