Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 Cent
The Six is a 12-cylinder Mercedes Benz with a 6 liter engine which is highly popular among rappers like 50. The AMGs are obviously rims from the Mercedes Benz tuner AMG. Of course in such a car each seat has to be equipped with a TV.
I want to buy a fur coat and they are less expensive in the summer since no one wears them then.
he saying he's always with his gun
he has a Cadillac V-series car (a high-performance model of luxury automobile) with LCD screens in the back of the front seat head rests, and can view them from the back seat. you probably wouldn't watch tv - more likely a DVD.
He is going to chat with a girl until she's confused enough to go with him and do what he wants to do.
The track refers to the area where a prostitute seeks "Johns" (dates) in order to receive money for sexual acts. Paying the kid refers to the prostitute paying her pimp for protection.
She always ends up with my money
to sell or "pimp out" a woman as a prostitute, since 50 Cent is claiming to be a pimp in this song
50 cent is claiming he will not spend one dollar on a woman. He is speaking specifically to the women who would hope to bed him so that he will in turn spend money to buy them things. He does not, however, wish for them to stop trying.
an hour after taking a woman shopping, 50 cent is able to persuade her to go to with him to the Ramada Inn where she will have sex with him