If I Can't

Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 Cent
your chain represents your respect. if someone was to take it from you, then they are completely taking your pride and credibility.
I am so passionate about flaunting my money and having expensive jewelery, that I am willing to die rather than have my chain stolen.
if you don't stop what's angering me, then you're going to end up dead in my trunk, much like the last person who angered me
(In a vehicle with a manual transmission) depress the clutch pedal, change the transmission to a higher gear with the shift lever, depress the accelerator pedal and take off quickly
50 is saying that his car has 20 inch rims that have been put into tires that are very thin, thus giving them a low profile (low pros). These tires are commonly used with larger rims to make space in the wheel well for the extra rim size.
It is a nice feeling to be able to withdraw $50,000 from the bank and not be concerned with the remaining balance or how it will effect one's financial situation because there is much more where it came from.
I am a rapper who writes songs, but I still will involve myself in gunplay using a 9mm pistol. The point is that he is dangerous even though he is is a recording artist.
This is a shout out to the legendary hip hop group Run DMC, and one of their songs titled "Peter Piper".
ms. d-dizzle
Look who shot them with the 44 caliber pistol.
Get pistol whipped/struck with a gun used as an object to bludgeon you in the head