Get Rich or Die Tryin'

50 Cent
If I Can't
your chain represents your respect. if someone was to take it from you, then they are completely taking your pride and credibility.
The Six is a 12-cylinder Mercedes Benz with a 6 liter engine which is highly popular among rappers like 50. The AMGs are obviously rims from the Mercedes Benz tuner AMG. Of course in such a car each seat has to be equipped with a TV.
I want to buy a fur coat and they are less expensive in the summer since no one wears them then.
In Da Club
50 is so confident is his abilities that he believes he will continue to make money, regardless of how many people hate him
he saying he's always with his gun
as lil bow wow was small in these days he carried guns literally the size of lil bow wow
If I Can't
I am so passionate about flaunting my money and having expensive jewelery, that I am willing to die rather than have my chain stolen.
he has a Cadillac V-series car (a high-performance model of luxury automobile) with LCD screens in the back of the front seat head rests, and can view them from the back seat. you probably wouldn't watch tv - more likely a DVD.
If I Can't
if you don't stop what's angering me, then you're going to end up dead in my trunk, much like the last person who angered me
21 Questions
one of the 21 questions 50 cent is asking his female friend is whether or not she would still love him if he lost his expensive Mercedes Benz car and had to start driving a beat up old junky car again (like he did before he was rich and famous)