50 Cent

Do You Think About Me Before I Self Destruct
"Ends" is a slang term for money. He's saying that he and the girlfriend (baby's mama) used to be be friends but now she is just out to get money
If I Can't Get Rich or Die Tryin'
your chain represents your respect. if someone was to take it from you, then they are completely taking your pride and credibility.
Baby by Me Before I Self Destruct
What started as a quick sexual romp may turn into an all night event.
Disco Inferno The Massacre
i thought he said i get told to flip dough, because the drug game is hierarchical.
Do You Think About Me Before I Self Destruct
a female i know used to drive an expensive BMW automobile, probably because her association with me provided her with enough money to make the payments. now that we are no longer friends, her primary mode of transportation is walking.
Disco Inferno The Massacre
If you look at the road, you might be able to see me driving by in a small-model Bentley automobile.
P.I.M.P. Get Rich or Die Tryin'
The Six is a 12-cylinder Mercedes Benz with a 6 liter engine which is highly popular among rappers like 50. The AMGs are obviously rims from the Mercedes Benz tuner AMG. Of course in such a car each seat has to be equipped with a TV.
P.I.M.P. Get Rich or Die Tryin'
I want to buy a fur coat and they are less expensive in the summer since no one wears them then.
Psycho Before I Self Destruct
Michael Myers is the name of the serial killer from the "Halloween" series of horror movies. Here, Fiddy warns us that when consuming cough syrup, he becomes similarly dangerous.
Do You Think About Me Before I Self Destruct
"I regret that at some point, our individual pursuit of our goals has harmed a once-valuable friendship."