Changes Greatest Hits
thats the sound of my gun going off
So Many Tears Me Against the World
Kato was a friend of Tupac who was killed in a vilent altercation. Be the first to fire your weapon or end up like his dead friend.
Temptations Me Against the World
Making a lot of phone calls.
Until The End Of Time Until The End Of Time
His friend had sexual intercorse with his girlfriend but it does not bother him because he is also promiscuous.
Life Goes On All Eyez on Me
Kato and Mental were his friends that died and Tupac is saying that they rest in peace
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me
showing off a Mercedes Benz (expensive car) on rims that he didnt steal
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted All Eyez on Me
Bugsy Siegel was an American mobster from the 40s that went to Nevada and built a casino (The Flamingo). The casino was considered legal even though where the money to start it came from was questionable and was built with black market material
How Do U Want It All Eyez on Me
we show off to the people we consider to be enemies. (floss=show off)
How Do U Want It All Eyez on Me
basically he's saying he is passionate about talking to females
All Bout U All Eyez on Me
we are showing off by looking our best and displaying our fancy possessions, and when we do this in public women are attracted to the confidence we display because it appeals to their desire to share our wealth and be taken care of