Picture Me Rollin'

All Eyez on Me 2Pac
O. J. (Simpson) was acquited, though everyone knew he was guilty. You can't pin crimes on this badass
OJ was found not guilty of murdering his wife. Therefore he was free
"Free like OJ" refers to OJ Simpson's acquittal in his highly publicized mid-90's trial for murder. He got off with no jail time, therefore Pac is referring to OJ as a free man
showing off a Mercedes Benz (expensive car) on rims that he didnt steal
He is down on his luck, and does not have any cash, or 'paper', and thus cannot make purchases.
Triple beams refer to the scales drug dealers use to weigh various narcotics
Shinobi Shaw
Living a dream with a triple beam balance scale. Although made for measuring chemicals these scales are used on the streets to measure accurate quantities of drugs.
I have kilograms (keys) of narcotics being supplied by a non-domestic source.
He has two rottweiler dogs at home and feeds them small amounts of lead, which apparently makes them more aggressive
My pockets are filled with money that I have earned.