Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me
O. J. (Simpson) was acquited, though everyone knew he was guilty. You can't pin crimes on this badass
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me
OJ was found not guilty of murdering his wife. Therefore he was free
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me
"Free like OJ" refers to OJ Simpson's acquittal in his highly publicized mid-90's trial for murder. He got off with no jail time, therefore Pac is referring to OJ as a free man
All Bout U All Eyez on Me
Trick:A broad term for describing women who are either teases, hoes, or one of the above pretending to be the other. Calling a woman a trick shows you are not impressed/convinced by their shit.
I Ain't Mad at Cha All Eyez on Me
Rolling is used here like "riding", which is going out looking to get revenge on somebody. Having 'Pac's back means being with him to help him.
I Ain't Mad at Cha All Eyez on Me
when its time to fight(roll) you will fight with the friend you are hanging with.
Changes Greatest Hits
"Being a young African American male, it is a necessity to me to carry firearms to defend myself because my demographic group is so at risk as victims of violent crime."
Life Goes On All Eyez on Me
2pac says to tell his people he's a rida(he's down for watever) he's a outlaw. He says "nobody cries when we die, we outlawz let me ride" basically let him go in peace because life goes on
Changes Greatest Hits
When people come at 2pac, as to attack him, he fires at them (busts) (with unnamed firearm)
Temptations Me Against the World
Pac is saying he wants to be a famous star, but he can't predict his outcome because the music business is unpredictable, like the dice game Crapps.