Microphone Fiend Follow the Leader Eric B. and Rakim
He is addicted to rapping and needs a microphone, just like an addict needs heroin.
24, 23 (Kobe, Lebron) Thug Motivation 103 Young Jeezy
Rolex watch on his wrist, that was so expensive it should have come with a security system
If I Can't Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 Cent
It is a nice feeling to be able to withdraw $50,000 from the bank and not be concerned with the remaining balance or how it will effect one's financial situation because there is much more where it came from.
Marshall Mathers The Marshall Mathers LP Eminem
in Detroit, there are "mile roads" which increase in number as you get farther from the city's downtown core. to say someone hasn't seen a mile road south of 10 is to say they haven't really been in the city, just in the outskirts or suburbs
Touch The Sky Late Registration Kanye West
remembering a time when Gucci clothing was popular to wear and a current trend.
Forever Thank Me Later Drake
A "G4 pilot" flies a G4 plane. A G4 plane is a small private plane. The G stands for Gulfstream (the company that makes the plane.) The 4 is the model number of plane (ie: G450).