911 I Am Carlos Shawty Lo
"cough syrup" refers to cough syrup mixed with hydrocodeine. This combination, when mixed with sprite is called lean, purple drank, and syrup. It's heavy narcotic effect relaxes your muscles, hence you move/talk slow.
Boom Boom Pow The E.N.D. Black Eyed Peas
Fergie is saying that all sorts of people who are afraid to be themselves try to copy her style and swagger (desirable demeanor)
ms. d-dizzle
How Do U Want It All Eyez on Me 2Pac
basically he's saying he is passionate about talking to females
Gin and Juice Doggystyle Snoop Doggy Dog
Burning and inhaling marijuana
wale is saying that whoever he is speaking to claims to have a lot of whips (cars), but wale himself actually has a parking lot full of cars.
2 Step Beat'n Down Yo Block! Unk
in old westerns (movies set in the 1800s in the american west) cowboys shot at someone's feet to get them to "Dance, boy!" - a way of threatening them and showing disrespect. this song is giving you the urge to 2-step as if your life depended on it.