Be A Gentleman Guess Who's Back? 50 Cent
50 is tired of attacking Sticky Fingaz and Ja Rule and wants to go at Jay-Z, a bigger name
Forever Thank Me Later Drake
Eminem is comparing his overdosing on drugs to being in the rap game, he hasn't ODed in a while but he hasn't been in the rap game in a while either. now he is on a hit song, he is comparing that feeling to having a buzz from doing drugs.
Imma Tell Absolute Power Tech N9ne
the neighborhood where fake posers run the streets
Feel Me Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Wayne is saying that after Hurricane Katrina he needs to put his hood/hometown, Hollygrove New Orleans, back on the map. He continues to do this by mentioning Hollygrove in just about every song.
99 Problems The Black Album Jay Z
because I chose the career path of rapping and not becoming a lawyer, I didn't take the bar exam which lawyers are required to take before being certified. However, this doesn't mean I'm not intelligent.
Gangsta's Paradise
It's spelt loc'ed out, Loc is used by crips out in Cali, its short for loco meaning crazy in spanish. Loc'ed out gangsta is just sayin hes a wild gang banger, a set is a part of a gang so set trippin banger is a gang banger. its really just redudant