Wasted The State vs. Radric Davis Gucci Mane
Referring to the fact that both Whitney Houston and Britney Spears have had experience with drugs, most likely cocaine. He is on drugs, like the two singers have been portrayed to be.
Fly In Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
when talking about drugs, a quarter standardly refers to a quarter of an ounce. in this case, it is of pcp
Do It Ill Communication Beastie Boys
Members of my family were processed upon entry to this country at New York's Ellis Island.
I'm Outstanding Shaq Diesel Shaquille O'Neal
a reference to Shaquille O'Neal's teammates on the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team (Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott)
Perfect Gentleman The Ecleftic Wyclef Jean
he's in a strip club, and the VIP card grants you Very Important Person status, getting you benefits like access to the VIP room, cheap drinks, etc.
Bombs Over Baghdad Stankonia Outkast
Should have bought an ounce of a particular drug, i.e. marijuana, but instaed only bought $20.00 worth