Give It Up To Me
he's going to insert his uncircumcised penis into her orifice.
decyphring fo f...
Rich Off Cocaine Deeper Than Rap Rick Ross
In the previous line, Ross mentions kilos of cocaine. Tennessee is quite far away from his hometown of Miami (where cocaine can be acquired at more inexpensive prices). Thus, he tends to send his product up to TN where he can easily fetch a large profit.
"Birds" and by extension, "chickens" are urban slang for kilograms of cocaine. Our rapper here is claiming that buy distributing a kilogram of cocaine, or "crossing the street" with it, he earned eighteen thousand dollars.
Still Fly Hood Rich Big Tymers
or perhaps he just wants to make sure that his mama is set for life.
Down Wit Da South Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets Trick Daddy
"J's" are a pair of shoes. So it means that their Jeans will be creased and the shoes will be new, looking fantastic
Three MC's and One DJ Hello Nasty Beastie Boys
"I Wanna Get Next to You" is a song by the band Rose Royce, most famous for their hit, "Car Wash" (they have both a male and a female lead singer).
Mad Sheep