Touch The Sky Late Registration Kanye West
He could not afford the new loafers he purchased. Now, he doesn't have enough money to pay for other things.
Juicy Ready To Die Notorious B.I.G.
Red and black lumberjack refers to a red and black checkered wool coat and the hat is made of matching material (and has ear flaps)
Perfect Gentleman The Ecleftic Wyclef Jean
The champagne room, often "VIP Room", at a strip club is where dancers perform for a single customer for large sums of money. No matter what a stripper says, sex will not happen in this place.
Forever Thank Me Later Drake
Drake's simply saying he wants to live the 'good life' forever. So it is never ending.
It's the New Style Licensed To Ill Beastie Boys
He is stating that he has rolled a combination of marijuana and crack cocaine into a cigarette in anticipation of watching 80s police drama "Columbo" starring Peter Falk.
D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
there is no meaning, it's just a chant. na doesn't mean nothing. hey doesn't really mean hello. it just all sounds good together.