Temptations Me Against the World 2Pac
Making a lot of phone calls.
Fresh Like Us The Swelly Express Chiddy Bang
Rajon Rondo is a point guard with the Boston Celtics so it's a direct reference to his position. RR is a very good player so what the rapper is trying to say i sthat you have a very good point.
Bedrock We Are Young Money Young Money
Asbestos is what is used (or was used) to make that stipple type finish on the ceiling in houses.
Professor Booty Check Your Head Beastie Boys
Popeye used spinach to gain an instant rush of strength. This beastie is saying that writing rhymes gives him the same type of rush.
ms. d-dizzle
Turn My Swag On iSouljaBoyTellem Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
when i got out of bed, the first thing i did was to put on nice clothes and approach the day with a confident attitude because i know i'm awesome
Dead and Gone Paper Trail T.I.
saying that it is ordinary in his hood (place where he lives) to make money (mostly through drugs) and gambling (for money or drugs)