Fly In Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne is saying he's a rap God, so if you don't agree with him it's like you're an athiest (someone who doesn't believe God exists)
Wasted No Ceilings Lil Wayne
"dome" is a slang term for "blowjob" and lil wayne(being from louisiana) used this pun referencing the new orleans saints stadium
Super Disco Breakin' Hello Nasty Beastie Boys
Pannenkoeken is Dutch for pancakes. That's pretty much it.
The Neden Game The Great Milenko Insane Clown Posse
a crazy drug addict that works for the Dar Carnival
Wasted No Ceilings Lil Wayne
wayne is suggesting his money continues to come in and keeping going like the energizer bunny who is known for never stopping.
My Chick Bad Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
His lady friend is very loud during sex so she brings the racket by making a lot of noise as Venus and Serena Williams do when they score points in tennis. Simultaneously a reference to a tennis racket.