Bedrock We Are Young Money Young Money
Asbestos is found in the top part of buildings in roofs and ceilings and nicki rhymes about sitting on top of men's faces. Climaxing in that position would result in "cumming off the top" of a man's face.
#1 Stunna I Got That Work Big Tymers
saying that hoes have diamond jewelry on their feet cuase they sexy walk and they spark just like when you move a diamond around the light it's sparkly
1st of Tha Month E 1999 Eternal Bone Thugs N Harmony
when it is time to make money, either by legal or illegal means, I am committed to the task on my own behalf.
Westside Story The Documentary Game, The
to leave you stretched out is to kill you, because your body will be fully extended when you are placed in a casket. this might look similar to a cadillac coupe deville from the '70s which was very long compared to today's cars.
let me hear somethin
SA...or Esse( same pronounciation) is a slang for spanish poeple....since they say swine flu originated from Mexico, the lyric means its just a plot to keep spanish people out
Ignition (Remix) Chocolate Factory R Kelly
driving your car which is sitting on 24" diameter wheels or "rims" - it's bouncing because of the modified suspension, since the car is outfitted with hydraulics that allow it to be raised an lowered with a system of hydraulic pumps