Hip Hop Police Ultimate Victory Chamillionaire
Tongue in cheek way of saying he saw methamphetamines in your pack of cigarettes. The clever part is that he uses the names of two Wu Tang artists Method Man (aka Meth) and Inspectah Deck (as in inspecting your deck).
Best I Ever Had So Far Gone Drake
Drake is simply saying that everyone is looking forward to his album so much that he could sell a blank disc and everyone would rush out and buy it before anyone caught on... that's pretty good
Gold Digger Late Registration Kanye West
She spent vast amounts of your personal wealth on indulgent plastic surgery, making her look like Michael Jackson, pop star and famous plastic surgery enthusiast.
Ransom So Far Gone Drake
he's saying him and drake both wrote on Dr. Dre's upcoming album Detox
Forever Thank Me Later Drake
a Gulfstream is a very expensive private jet. G4's are one of the most expensive ones. to give a comparison, G4 is the same in the private jet world as a Rolls Royce is in the car world. def a balla to fly in em!
The Next Episode Chronic 2001 Dr. Dre
CPT is an abbreviation for Compton, which is where Dr. Dre is from. LBC is an abbreviation for Long Beach, California, which is where Snoop Dogg is from. It just means the two are doing another song together.