Lollipop (Remix) Tha Carter III (iTunes Bonus Track) Lil Wayne
I am so wealthy that people might mistakenly refer to me by the name of a large multinational computer manufacturer whose integrated circuits are commonly referred to by the same name that I and others use for money.

I Got 5 On It
Operation Stackola Luniz
I have five dollars that I will contribute toward the purchase of an amount of marijuana we can smoke, and since I'm sure you have purchased affordable malt liquor in a bottle more than a liter in size to accompany the marijuana, please retrieve it and meet me back here so we can get high and intoxicated together.

Gold Digger
Late Registration Kanye West
Since you have gone against my advice and impregnated a woman, you will be receiving a constant reminder of your bad decision by having to pay child support to the mother of your child, whom you probably do not love, until the child is legally an adult.

Regulate... G Funk Era Warren G
The driver of a vehicle whose passengers had their eyes fixed on my nice automobile was in such awe of me that she failed to maintain control of her vehicle and it came in contact with the raised portion of concrete separating the roadway from the sidewalk, resulting in her embarrassment.