Ransom So Far Gone Drake
Lil Wayne actually says this. And it just means that for each letter he says he is essentially getting paid.
The Notorious D.I.P.
White & Nerdy Straight Outta Lynwood Weird Al
I have seen the comedy movie Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail so many times that I can say parts of the movie's dialogue and have you R.olling O.n T.he F.loor L.aughing O.ut L.oud (ROTFL - an obnoxious internet acronym)
Good Life Graduation Kanye West
i believe what Kanye may actually be saying is that since his Ferrari has its engine in the rear of the car like the old Volkswagen Beetle, he has his stereo system hooked up under the hood (which is empty like most car trunks)
Wanksta Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 Cent
as lil bow wow was small in these days he carried guns literally the size of lil bow wow
Mo Money Mo Problems Life After Death Notorious B.I.G.
'Rock all the rocks' - Wearing expensive jewelery, esp. diamonds or 'rocks', 'Cop all the drops' - Can either mean 'copping' or getting drop-top convertible vehicles, or 'drops', or 'drops' also being a general term for new items coming to market.
Crack A Bottle Relapse Eminem
Eminem will grab another PHILLY (girl) from "out the stable" (out of the line-up of women waiting to "jump on shady's dick").
Big B P