Still Fly Hood Rich Big Tymers
It also will prevent the vehicle from being impounded and sold at auction if there is no tie to his ownership, if and when he is arrested.
Izzo The Blueprint Jay Z
Even if my associates were short on immediately expendable capital, I was willing to extend the olive branch and pursue work opportunities with them.
Trap Star Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 Young Jeezy
The city is his territory, and his car has large wheels and tires.
Check the Ring, Yo
mc chris is saying it's OK for girls to sleep with him because he's clean. He's had an STD test and even (an exaggeration) an emissions test - which is actually to measure pollutants coming from a vehicle engine.
Let's Ride Doctor's Advocate Game, The
when you add an amplifier and subwoofer speakers to a car stereo system the loud bass often rattles the rear license plate, which is held on with two screws. if your sound system was really expensive and loud, you could possibly rattle the car this much.
Let Me Ride The Chronic Dr. Dre
he has hollow-point bullets (they flatten on impact and are more likely to kill someone than normal bullets) and he is ready to shoot them at people who snitch (tell the police that he's dealing drugs or has been involved in other crimes).