Tip drill
a tip drill is what they in the rap world call giving a stripper a dollar for her to rub on you, in this case the girl in question obviously has a large butt and an ugly face so Nelly is saying that shes not good for much more than grinding on him
Let The Beat Build Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
"suicide" doors on cars open opposite the normal direction of car doors. some people change their doors to open this way to look cool, but they were also standard on some older cars - dangerous with poor visibility when exiting (you could kill yourself).
What You Know King T.I.
When I contact you via Nextel (or Boost Mobile) DirectConnect (making a chirp noise upon connection), contact me back attractive female
Temptations Me Against the World 2Pac
while tough individuals like gangsta rappers often project feelings of anger and hatred, there are times when they too need a shoulder to lean on or the company of someone who understands them
Still Fly Hood Rich Big Tymers
or perhaps he just wants to make sure that his mama is set for life.
A Star Is Born The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
giving props to Andre 3000 (of Outkast) for his smooth flow and intelligent lyrics, comparing him to all-time great Lauren Hill