In My Business
Water whippin' is slang for cooking crack. He's saying that he makes his money from selling drugs and that he doesn't feel like the girl deserves a Mercedes Benz because she's not helping him make the money.
Triple Trouble To the 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys
I do not have to travel to impart my power, I have emissaries that acomplish this for me.
So What'cha Want? Check Your Head Beastie Boys
Please make use of my expert abilities, much like Jazz tenor saxaphonist Eddie Harris who recorded the 1968 release "Plug me in" on Atlantic Records.
Grillz Sweatsuit Nelly
George Foreman sells grills that cook while eliminating a great deal of fat from meats. this is comparing his success to selling a different type of grill - a shiny mouth piece covered in precious stones/metals that you wear to be fashionable and show off
Phone Home
Mr. Clean is a bald cleaning product mascot. Lil Wayne believes he is unique (rare) like seeing Mr. Clean with hair.
Funky Cold Medina Loc-ed After Dark Tone Loc
Mick Jagger, lead singer of the band The Rolling Stones, sings a song "Satisfaction" in which he proclaims that he "can't get no satisfaction" - Tone Loc is having trouble finding sexual satisfaction