Regulate Regulate...G Funk Era Warren G
In the video, Nate Dogg encouters a car full of females that are looking at him. They continue to stare rather than watch the road and their car collides with the curb.
Check the Ring, Yo
mc chris was looking and feeling good, and even had enough money to put a large sum of money down on a Scion. Scion is a make of car that's not actually expensive compared to the kinds of cars often rapped about, but for mc chris was a step up.
Got Money Tha Carter III Lil Wayne
A fellow glares menacingly in my direction, but this of no concern to me because I am amply protected by my entourage and/or bodyguards.
Bombs Over Baghdad Stankonia Outkast
He "made over" a girl from poverty or misfortune and turned her into a very good lookin woman thus she is now a dime.
How Do U Want It All Eyez on Me 2Pac
As suddenly as I got into bed with you, I have left - as if I had just committed a robbery and must leave the scene to avoid getting caught.
Young Money - Roger That
Lil' Wayne is saying that you are weaker then him by calling you a pet and him a beast.