Whatever You Like Paper Trail T.I.
actually, trickin refers to either 1) when a woman sells sex for money or 2) when a man pays for sex with a woman. Buying things for a woman could get you accused of tricking, but they say its not tricking if you are rich and can afford it
Ice Ice Baby To The Extreme Vanilla Ice
To 'wax' a 'chump' means to kill a foolish person. Candles are made of wax thus Vanilla Ice is made kill foolish people.
Mr. Sandman Tical Method Man
This is an alphabet substitution code."Peace to the number seven" means peace to the G, since G is the 7th letter of the alphabet."Everybody else gets the fo'-nine-three-eleven" equals D-I-C-K. So, peace to the G's or gangsters.Everyone else gets the dick
everything everyday everywhere
Cake is referin to money and hes sayin hes got so musch its crazy he cant eat it but when other ppl see ihm they kno he got it like its real
Swagga Like Us Paper Trail T.I.
This is a reference to Jay-z's propensity for driving expensive cars, in this case Land Rovers, and his ability to cook cocaine into crack, which is commonly done with baking soda
I Really Want To Show You Born again Notorious B.I.G.
Newports are a strong menthol cigarette. Biggie is smoking these as a form of short term stress relief prior to facing the judge and possible sentencing in court.