Pachanga Loso's Way Fabolous
Biggie smalls and faith evans had a real close relationship..he is comparing himself and another woman to biggie and faith
Bedrock We Are Young Money Young Money
Sushi roll is seafood, so he's saying he likes her vagina a lot and the hotter than wasabi part is a play on words because wasabi is a hot mustard usually eaten with sushi.
The Notorious D.I.P.
My Name Is The Slim Shady LP Eminem
The rap group Kriss Kross was known for wearing their clothes backwards. This lyric implies that the force was enough to turn the girls clothing completely backwards.
Fuck Wit Dre Day The Chronic Dr. Dre
the only thing you are good for is making fun of you're penis, or lack thereof
Ok You're Right Before I Self Destruct 50 Cent
50 is implying that many women only hang out with im because of his status, in hope sof meeting other big stars, such as the three aformentioned NBA stars.
Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) Carnival Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant Wyclef Jean
to add to another explanation for this term, the track most likely refers to a street or part of town near train tracks