The Next Episode Chronic 2001 Dr. Dre
"crip walk" is a dance step that is performed like a gang sign. If you are a member of the Crips you are "down with the set" and entitled to perform it, otherwise do not.
Area Codes Word of Mouf Ludacris
The word "pimp" has come to mean the best, number one, in charge, or good in general. Bishop and Don "Magic" Juan are actual pimps that are famous for their flamboyant characters.
The Symphony
played means made a fool of. The refecrecence to the quarter is a clever play on words in the way that someone will put a quarter into an arcade game to "play" it or "play" a song on a jukebox.
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me 2Pac
My pockets are filled with money that I have earned.
Gold Digger Late Registration Kanye West
Referring to the desire and ambition to be able to afford a luxury automobile in place of the inexpensive and merely affordable one now owned by the subject of the song.
Low Mail on Sunday Flo Rida
The young lady danced in a provocative way by lowering herself close to the ground and shaking her rear end. This action is also known as "dropping it".