Internet Thugs Attack Major Pain Chamillionaire
Chamillionaire's going to shoot up every car the other guy has
Every Girl We Are Young Money Young Money
All super-fine women.
Let's Ride Doctor's Advocate Game, The
when you add an amplifier and subwoofer speakers to a car stereo system the loud bass often rattles the rear license plate, which is held on with two screws. if your sound system was really expensive and loud, you could possibly rattle the car this much.
Izzo The Blueprint Jay Z
Even if my associates were short on immediately expendable capital, I was willing to extend the olive branch and pursue work opportunities with them.
Life's a Bitch Illmatic Nas
Refers to the 5% Nation of Islam, a muslim sect in which members believe that black people are God's true chosen people.
Good Life Graduation Kanye West
The correlation between the two lines in this particular lyric extends beyond the simply being disliked for his success and long-standing presence in the industry and includes the act of seasoning foods with varying herbs, spices and, most commonly, salt.